Does the thought of doing social media every single day overwhelm you? For a lot of business owners, it does! This is totally understandable because social media is a lot of work! I have streamlined the process so that you can take a few hours to create and schedule your content for the WHOLE MONTH! This way you can spend the rest of the month focusing on your business!

Hi, I’m Madison Crane

I'm teaching this course because I know so many business owners who are overwhelmed by social media! Sometimes hiring a social media manager is just not an option for a company, so I'm here to teach you how to manage your social media with just ONE DAY of work a month!

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Create a Cohesive Brand

In this course, you will learn how to choose your colors and design your layouts for social media.

Create Engaging Content

You will learn what kind of content will keep your audience engaged and how to create it!

Schedule your Content for the Whole Month

You will learn about platforms for scheduling your content so you only have to deal with social media for one day out of the entire month!